Need A Laugh? 5/15/01 WT

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  • myMichelle

    I resisted posting this on the "Main" page, trying to comply with the division of posts that Simon is encouraging. (No thanks necessary, Simon, just following the rules.)

    Well, I finished my dinner a little while ago and whilst I was tidying up the kitchen, I noticed that I had received my 5/15/01 issue of the WT. (A subscription started by an anonymous benefactor, don't you know.)

    Anyhoo, I pull off the wrapper to file it dutifully away, when I erroneously glanced at the back cover. In great big words it proclaims "Thank Jehovah's Witnesses for Religious Freedom". I hoped none of you choked as I did, I did warn you in the title of the post that this is funny.

    Before any local apologists start to try to explain what the authors "meant", let's just all reflect on the irony of this little statement. Let's reflect upon exactly how much freedom of religion the WTS offers its members.

    Well, that's all for now,

  • Gopher


    They left off the 'dot-com'.

    It should have read, "Thank for religious freedom". There's more of it here than there!


  • Prisca

    Excellent points, Michelle - very funny

    I agree, Gopher, they should have provided the link to this site!

  • Tina

    Hi michelle prisca goph,
    Thanks for the laff lol.
    I get a sub too. And laff at just about every mag......regards,tina

  • emyrose

    Hi Michelle
    Thanks! I needed that laugh. Do you know more JW humor?
    I will look out for more if you do.
    Maybe another irony is the "paradise" atmosphere they lure you in with and the hell they impose once your in. Another, why elders seem
    to be the most juvenile and in need of counseling for mental problems
    and odd behavior. Why do elders look like math teachers stuck in the 70's?

  • buffalosrfree

    Jdubs have lots of freedoms. The freedom to listen to blah blah blah at the Theo Ministry quackary. To sleep with eyes opened at the Public talk, to participate in the lack of study for the watchtower study, To go out and annoy our neighbors on thier days off, yes we have lots of religious freedom due to the Jehovah Witnesses. We have the freedom to believe anything they tell us, we have the freedom to keep our mouths shut when disagreeing with their nonsense, We have the freedom to bring a barf bag to all meetings, and finally we have the freedom to believe that our paying rapt attention to any and all sayings from the geriatric clinic known as the gibbering body. My my we must thank them for all of our freedoms.

  • Jimmer

    Just one question, "How did you keep your dinner down?"

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