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  • ozziepost

    G'day all,

    Perhaps we could start a collection of recent examples of where the borg has used subliminal messages to influence the minds of the R&F.

    Here's another to start it off:

    Look at the January study article "Jehovah Empoers the Tired One".

    How does He empower the tired one? Well, in paragraph 9 we see a clever switch. the paragraph reads: "Diligent study of the SCRIPTURES with the help of Christian PUBLICATIONS can invigorate and sustain us." Later we read: "we need to take in spiritual food provided by God through HIS WORD and Christian PUBLICATIONS to maintain our spiritual strength."

    But note the question to pargraph 9: "What role do Christian PUBLICATIONS play in nourishing us?"

    Do you see what's happened? There may be some agreement with the words of the paragraph, although perhaps the brothers may have more readily agreed with reading the Bible for nourishment. But the R&F heard the question read by the Watchtower Study Conductor. Will they notice the difference?

    By this witch they would have us believe that it's the organisation which nourishes us. Clever, eh? Yessir, the publications are more important than the Bible (sarcasm added).

    Any more examples?



  • waiting

    Awwwe ozzie,

    Does this mean you actually want me to seriously read the WT study and questions?

    I didn't even do that when attending meetings until we were in the study. Of course, that may be why I didn't catch these subliminal slight-of-words......


    Btw, interesting catch you found. Those writers - clever. Not above board, but clever. Brings to mind used car salesmen.

  • stephenw20

    There is nothing subliminal about God being the editor of the watchtower...the head cheeses actually testified about it........fred & homer

    so is it any wonder that these messages are gently massaged in......

  • ozziepost

    G'day Waiting,

    Good point. At what point does one cease to be able to read the watchtower magazine objectively and become seduced by its message?

    It can be difficult after gaining a freedom in Christ to then keep up reading the borg's propaganda. I wouldn't recommend it for anyone. If you're comfortable with it, or still have a residue of rage, then go ahead.

    BTW Waiting, in all honesty, didn't you read the Watchtower? How did you know it was preaching a wrong message if you hadn't read it?



  • waiting

    hey ozzie,

    Sure, I read them - cover to cover - during the Public Talk and WT study. That's how I stayed awake. Got a decent amount of the publications read that way too during the school & service meeting.

    Down in our neck of the woods, our speakers sure ain't eloquent, and they can be down right boring, not to mention not being able to say many sentences without using double negatives or vast mispronunciations.

    So much easier to read. My husband slept. He's not as cultured as me - but at least I elbowed him when he snored. Men.


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