what do i do

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  • rowdy

    i am the guy my wife left me 3.5 wks ago i have been married for 23 years i am a apostate ihave a lot of friends my kids told me to divorce her and go on i have never had so many girls asked me out before she said its over i am 41 i would like some feedback farkel alan barb any body she knows i dont cheat drink drugs my grand kids and kids and my friends and school are my life plus riding. i was with some of my friends today that are ha motercycle club
    they want me to go out and hook up some of there biker chicks i like some feed back i am sure its over

  • czarofmischief

    "what would you do if you had a million dollars?"

    "Two chicks at the same time, man."

    That's my advice. 2 chicks at the same time. Biker chicks if possible. Wear a condom. Have fun.

    CZAR of the unrepentant after being disfellowshipped class

  • SPAZnik

    what do you want to do?

  • Scully

    Why did your wife leave you? Was it just the "apostasy" / "spiritual endangerment" thing?

    Do what you want to do. But don't admit anything to the elders or your wife re "adultery" or "scriptural grounds for divorce". Pretend you're a monk. Make her suffer now.

    But that's just me, and I'm in a b*tchy mood right now because I'm working on Xmas Eve.

    Love, Scully

  • Robdar


    It ain't over until you sign those divorce paper. I can't tell you what to do but it sounds to me as if you have already made up your mind and are looking for the approval of this forum to do what you want to do anyway.

    I hope you make the right decisions.


  • Michael Collins
    Michael Collins

    Weigh your options carefully.


  • Guest 77
    Guest 77

    There is a saying, "Don't do anything I would do, if you do, don't get caught".

    Everything has a price.

    Guest 77

  • talley

    Been there....thanfully, haven't done that. You say you are 41 and have grown children and grand children. Behave yourself as the mature, responsible adult you are supposed to be, a living example to your children and grandchildren. You are still legally married until a divorce is final. You can still ride with you friends and have fun. Be a real man and do what you know is right and proper. talley

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