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  • discombobulatedgirl

    Talk to me peoples!!!

  • stephenw20

    HI DC

    how are you?

    nice talking


  • Prisca


    Hi DC - how're you going? Nice to see you posting again. It'd be nice to hear your side of things in regards to JW life and stuff. I was brought up as a Witness all my life, so we've probably got some stories to share. But I survived, and if you ever want to email me, feel free.

    See ya!

  • discombobulatedgirl

    So you want to know my side of the story well here it is you asked for it hope you have some time!!!!!:)

    I was adoptied, and raised in the truth, mom was in it.I thought I liked it I was this goody goody tush tush but..... then I met asher(AJ) he was awsome we got close (not in a bad way) then the rumers started coming in Asher and I stoped hanging out so much which was the hardest thing to do for both of us. Then the crap started I was considerd BAD association I really wasn't that bad then my mom and I stoped going to meetings and I stoped going out in the field service come to think about it I didnt really like doing the door to door thing It sucked a lot

    well thats were i am now A happy 13 year old girl that now finding that true meaning of life

    DC:( :)

  • unclebruce

    LOL - Good on ya DC,

    Thanks for sharing your story. If you find the true meaning of life please let me know, so far the best I can come up with is that 'the true meaning of life is life.' With your positive attitude and no-nonsense style, you're gonna have a great life. You bring a bit of sunshine into the room.

    cheers unclebruce.

  • discombobulatedgirl

    Your so welcom every 1. I thought to myself : maybe they would like to now a little about me so I told u about me now its your turn I dont know all of ur storys

    oh and what happend to all the young people that were coming in here I am lonely

    gotta go bye.........talk to u tonite


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