How's things "down your way"?

by freddo 1 Replies latest jw friends

  • freddo

    So in "your" cong/circuit/regional area how are all things jw?

    Baptisms this year? Assembly attendances? Halls closing? Money grab?

  • WingCommander
    Geriatric Ward. That's what I'd call it. I'm 36, in Central PA, only 3.5 hrs from Brooklyn HQ. KH's around here look like ghost towns or old folks homes. Last time I set foot into one on a Sunday (OMG, nearly 10 years ago now), 2/3rd's of the KH was empty. I'd say 80-90% of kids over 18 that I grew up with have LEFT, never to return. And I tell you, there were a lot of "good" kids that I never would have imagined to leave, that have left, married, had kids, and are living a normal "worldly" life, filled with activities that "normal" people do. How do I know? Facebook profiles and photos of their families and vacations tell me so, along with profile info as well as other sources. It's absolutely amazing. People are truly fed up with this crap. Only minorities and the under-educated are falling for this craptacular cult.

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