To the Royal Commission: A JW's thank you note... from Mexico!

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  • avaddohn94

    Note: I sent this e-mail to their contact mail address and now, I wish to make it public for it truly expresses my current thoughts!

    A JW's thank you note... from Mexico!

    First of all, let me tell you I am still one of Jehovah's Witnesses. With my [family], we're currently going through the "fading" process that was so accurately described throughout your public hearing (our families and friends are all within this church as you can probably imagine).

    We're convinced this religion in which our parents raised us, is a "captive organization" as Mr. Stewart accurately described it.

    Now, we are aware the scope of your investigation is aimed at this terrible child abuse issue; nevertheless, we wish to say THANK YOU for addressing many of the issues that Jehovah's Witnesses are forced to deal with.

    During the hours you have devoted to analyzing, studying and exposing this organization, many of us have felt as if finally someone has been able to speak our minds and hearts!

    Now, some former JWs and some who are still within might have their own agendas on what they think should've been remarked or pointed out to the various people who appeared before you during the past weeks; I actually wish to apologize in the name of those who might be saying they're displeased or disappointed (specifically with yesterday's hearing).

    In my opinion, you did SUPERB but you have to understand that when you have been so affected by the rules and laws set forth by these types of religions, some people are eagerly waiting for a "safety valve", some sort of outlet for their emotions.

    And well, I do not wish this e-mail to become my own "safety valve". I hope my latin origin and the fact that English is not my first language might excuse this rather long "thank you note"!

    Please express my gratitude to Justice McClellan, Mr. Angus Stewart and the rest of the counselors and researchers who did such a great work on this case study 29.

    We'll be looking forward to the outcome and hope that the light you have ignited in Australia will spread through all this organization so that those who decide to remain may at least have much better prospects!

    Best regards!

  • umbertoecho
    Such a lovely letter, very genuine.
  • never a jw
    never a jw
    Let's hope letters like these motivate the Royal Commission to contact other governments and share their findings so these other government do as the Royal Commission has done. I am rather optimistic that the recent events in Australia will spread to other places in the world.
  • smiddy

    This Royal commission in Australia is primarily concerned with what goes on in Australia. with the WTB&TS / Jehovah`s Witnesses . However , surely what goes on outside of Australia by the same organization should have some bearing as to the culture that this organization has world wide .

    And has this culture been one of finding in favour of the victim ? or of the protecting of the abuser .

    How many times has the judicial committee found in favour of the victim .?

    How many times has the judicial committee not found a judgement against an abuser ?


  • Heaven

    avaddohn94, what an excellent letter. Your English is spot on as well. If all of us are basically saying the same thing, and someone like Geoffrey Jackson keeps saying "I am not aware of that" it makes it look like Jackson has either been completely isolated from his entire organization's membership or he's a liar.

    I also emailed Mr. Stewart on Tue Aug 4, 2015. Here is what I said:

    Dear Mr. Stewart,

    Thank you so very much for all you, Hon Justice Peter McClellan, and the rest of the Royal Commission team are doing in the investigation of institutional responses to child sexual abuse within the Jehovah's Witnesses. I am very impressed with your professional manner and depth of knowledge of this organization. Remaining composed during this is an amazing task you all manage to accomplish very well. This must be very difficult, if not exhausting.

    I was raised in this religion but chose not to join for a number of reasons, misogyny being one of them. It has been a tough road where my Witness family are concerned.

    I once started to document the known child abusers within this religion reported online from various news sources and after page one I had to stop as I was becoming physically ill.

    Most Witnesses are unaware of the magnitude of the issue of child abuse as it is kept secret from them. They are not warned that there are abusers amongst them and are encouraged not to listen to outside sources of information including the news media. When they do hear of it, they believe these sources are telling lies or that the cases are very few. Preventing the "dragging of Jehovah's name through the mud" is really more important to this group than actually protecting people.

    My Father once told me that children in Africa born with HIV must be pre-destined to be sinners in Jehovah's eyes after I challenged his idea that Jehovah is loving but then allows a child in utero to contract HIV. My parents also accused me of provoking a man at work who was harassing me. They felt I must have done something for this man to be behaving this way. I assured them I had not.

    I have always hoped that the laws of various countries would change to remove the harmful, damaging, and destructive aspects of fundamentalist type religions and groups. There is more than child abuse going on within many of these, the Witnesses included.

    I wish you and the RC much success in bringing about positive change. When a group is based on outdated principles such as Patriarchy, various abuses seem to abound. If laws are not enacted, though, as a result of these investigations, The Watchtower will not adopt any changes. Their authority is their interpretation of the Bible unless there is a law which prohibits them from using the Bible literally. They will view this investigation as persecution by Satan.


  • Oubliette
    Great letters avaddohn94 and Heaven!

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