Education =Looser Ignorance=Winner

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  • WhyNow2000

    I attended college during late 80's and early 90's when University was a taboo, bad karma, unchristian, bad could you do that. I endured myriads of “encouragements” to lure me away from “materialism.” When I moved to another congregation, I learned to downplay my full fledged student status and in silence I finished my school.

    How many of you went to Universities when you were an active JW? How did you handle the harassment? If you decided to return to school after your left (inactivated yourself) JW, did having been a JW has any influence in deciding the major to go into?

    I f this topic has been discussed before, forgive me......after all I am a newbie.

  • WhyNow2000

    I sure showed my Newbie color...I moved it to General.

  • twvsnt

    hi WhyNow2000, like you I'm not only a newbie but I also attend college. I deal with the shunning by sticking close to those in my congregation who support me although there are very few of them. My major wasn't influenced by my belliefs however the hardships I underwent on account of some (not all) of the friends did influence me to attend college.Because my family (none of whom are witnesses) is unloving towards me(even before I became a JW), having loving and supportive sisters and brothers mean alot to me not to mention the wealth of Knowledge I obtained from studying with them . Because of that I have a close relationship with Jehovah and Jesus because I know what they expect of me.

  • Seven

    Hello WhyNow and twv, This thread will stay at the top longer in this forum, giving others more of chance to reply. My parents supported
    me and my siblings choice in attending college having gone themselves.
    I think I may have possibly chosen a differnt major(Economics and International Business or Art)if I hadn't been a JW. I attended far from home which made it all much easier on me. It's nice meeting you both and welcome to the board.

    twvsnt, Best wishes and "study hard."

  • Uni girl
    Uni girl

    I am a university student hence the name 'uni girl' but I didn't go whilst a witness cos no one would support me, not even for night classes.
    Once I got out of 'jail' I run to university and took sociology and philosophy and now know why the org don't want us to go..they don't want anyone to think alternatively or experiencing different ideas.
    I've got my degree now and have gone on to study a masters...

    good luck in your studying, without knowledge there is no life

    love jen

  • twvsnt

    Nice to meet you SevenofNine. You post interesting comments on the boards . It's nice to meet people who not only went to school but graduated!!!!!!!!!!

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