An Ode to the Child Abuse Protectorate

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  • berrygerry

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    Hey, you kids, sit here on my lap,
    Your little ass, I'm surely gonna tap.
    God loves you, and I do too.
    How about I give you some of God's goo?
    Is this a crime? I think not!
    It's not in the Bible - believe it or not!
    Faithful and discreet - well, ain't that sweet?
    God wants you to please my meat.
    And you keep quiet, for God is love.
    He's watching you, from high up above.
    Satan hates us, the faithful slave.
    So don't be sayin' that we misbehave.
    God's foes are sayin' that we are lying.
    Yeah, those dudes will soon be dying.
    Some say governing body, others, governing bawdy.
    We could care less, if we're nice or naughty.
    We'll never get caught; never be exposed.
    About our naughty bits, between head and toes.
    It will all roll off us, like water off a duck.
    Holy crap, Oz Royal Commission!

    What the f***?

    (With credit to Leo Greenlees and Ewart Chitty)

  • ron rawson
    ron rawson

    Reading this really creeped me out....mostly because it is all too likely true.

    Maybe we will eventually know.

  • berrygerry


    If you glance at this really quickly, it looks like the WT logo.

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