August 2020 - Five Years Post RC - What Will Be Like?

by jw07 2 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • jw07

    1. Will implement all / some of the recommended changes?

    2. Will proudly refuse citing that they will "obey God as ruler rather than men"?

    3. Will news about the RC goes viral, and how will the world at large respond?

    4. How will JWs respond if this goes nuclear?

    - skepticism and ignoring it by most, life goes on?

    - 1000s leaving within a year?

    - 100s of thousands leaving within a year?

    - power struggles in the leadership of how it was handled / how it should be handled?

    - will they cry persecution on a grand scale and instruct that preaching take place covertly worldwide?

    - will they claim 'Great Tribulation', and order an end to all field activity, sell property, and continue asking for donations until the 'end' comes?

    5. Could increased coverage and public understanding of the what happened in Australia catapult JWs into being synonymous with pedophilia the same way saying the words "priests and choir boys" does to many people currently?

    6. Will it have been the crack that burst the dam open for lawsuits on worldwide scale?

    - if so how will they react when cornered from all angles?

  • azor

    I think it needs to become a meme as you mentioned of priests and choir boys.

    When it's on saturday night live, or other shows like the tonight show it's over for them.

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