Why hide it ???

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  • thinker

    Some active witnesses have learned SOME of the history of the WT teachings. Yet, they continue to believe in "Jehovah's perfect organization". They say "We have 'new light' now. It doesn't matter what they used to teach."
    By "new light", I assume they mean that Jehovah's holy spirit directed the GB to make these changes in teaching. To me this sounds like a truly wonderous thing. So, why HIDE ALL THE CRAZY THINGS THAT USED TO BE TAUGHT ? If these changes came directly from Jah, you'd think they would be proud of their past and proclaim it to all. Instead they hide it and discourage any active witness from researching the past.
    My wife was a JW for over 40 yrs. Only after she left did she find out about all the "old light". Are they ASHAMED of what Jehovah's holy spirit has imparted to them? Then, why hide it in darkness?

  • mommy

    I am so glad you never stop thinking I agree with you, they should proclaim it, not stuff it in QFR articles, nobody reads anyway.
    I think that even the fact that active JW who know about past mistakes continue to downplay, or even outright deny them. Well this goes along with the conditioning(brainwashing) they recieve. See anything negative towards the Wtbts turns into one of the "evils" they run from.
    I hate to admit, my mom is ones of those, who will follow the society even if new light appeared 3 times a week.

  • RR

    I agree, I have always said, if the Society was open and honest, they wouldn't have as much trouble with membership. It is really sad that the Society has become what they themselves abhor in Christendom .... organized, babylonish and a second rate vatican!

    Just recently I met a women, who left, a few months ago, ONLt after learning for the first time that the Society taught the end in 1975, I told her 'take a seat, 1975 wasn't the first.'

    Less Religion and more Jesus!

  • TR


    Are they ASHAMED of what Jehovah's holy spirit has imparted to them?

    They are ashamed of their own blunders, but blame it on God.


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