Do you need a blood card?

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  • tergiversator

    Yeah, I remember the lecture we got a few years back about calling them "no-blood" cards or medical directives. Not that that changed anything in the witness vernucular, of course :)

    But what about actual blood cards? I had to sign a medical release the other day, and as I was writing down my mother's name as emergency contact I thought to myself, what if blood becomes an issue? Based on my new understanding, I couldn't care less if I got a blood transfusion - in fact, if I were in need of one, the last thing I would want would be for my still-witness relatives to refuse one for me if I were unable to speak for myself.

    So maybe I should make up a card to carry in my wallet: "Please do not let my witness relatives deny me blood based on their well-meaning convictions" and include, say, my blood type and other vital information. Just in case, ahem, they face a "faith challenging situation"...

    What do you think?

  • Simon

    That reminds me... I must put something in my will (which I must make) so that in the event of anything happening to us the kids wont end up with any of my family being brought up in that nightmare.

  • terraly

    An excellent idea.

    Would you make a whole bunch and give them to interested people? Maybe we could have a meeting to discuss the importance of the new cards and to line everyone up to make sure people sign them.

    Maybe you could work vampire fangs into the design.
    Just a thought.

  • mommy

    Hey T:)
    The laws vary from state to state. I am familiar with the laws In NC and FL, you can contact the hospital in your area, and they can tell you the law there. There is a contract called an Advance Directive, and a Living Will, these may be obtained and files at the hospital in your area, free of charge. All it is really is your statement of what type of measures you want if it came down to the end of your life. Such things include the use of artificial respiration, feeding tubes, and withholding of food and water, etc. You may add anything you wish to this contract. Yes it is legal, but beware, your family CAN overide this decision, but it will be in black and white for the doctors to see what your wishes are. Also if they needed a court order to stop a blood transfusion, the judge would see this as well. So try to throw in "cult" "religious differences" "control" "fanatical to the point of taking ones life" Well you get the point
    Good luck and hope this helped

  • rem

    <Thread Hijack>

    Are you already a daddy? You look like such a young'n in your picture. I'm 25 now. I think I'll be ready for kids in a couple years. I'd like to get all this JW crap behind us before my wife and I procreate. :)

    rem</Thread Hijack>

  • Simon

    Yes, I have two little 'uns - 2 and 4, both boys.

    BTW: I have 10 years on you rem... I feel so old now...

    It is definitely better not being in with the kids - I hate the thought of bringing them up to be picked on a school and bored sensless at meeting and generally getting a poor start to life. So glad we got out while we did.

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