"Sterilisation of the unfits".

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  • MacHislopp

    Hello everyone,

    I was surprised to find out the existence of an article

    “Sterilisation of the Unfit “, published by the WTS in the magazine
    - The Golden Age, November 12, page 116. The Editor wrote
    concerning this article that it would “ …with hearty approval by
    many of our readers..”. I’ve seen the ref. in the Index 1930-1985.

    Then another article on “ eugenics “ was published in the magazine
    “Consolation” October 1942, pag.13 which took a complete opposite
    view of the matter…(as usual).

    Has anyone the possibility to copy or scan the articles?

    Thanks, and agape to you all J.C.MacHislopp

  • Gianluca

    it was probably written to please a certain Adolf Hitler

  • waiting

    Actually, sterilization of "unfits," including deaf persons, was put into practice in the USA around 1925/1930 (?) in at least one mental hospital by a certified doctor. It was several years before he could be legally stopped.

    I'm not sure how many women were sterilized, but the number was significant. It's been some time since I read about him.

    And to my recollection, at the World War II War Crimes court case, this USA doctor's writings and records were introduced as evidence to show that Hitler wasn't the first man (curiously both being white men) to actually institute sterilization of unfits. The Nazi lawyers went so far as to say that the Nazi's used this doctor's work to pattern their own sterilazation program.

    So, perhaps the WTBTS was going along with the USA doctor before the WTBTS went along with Hitler. Perhaps nobody liked unfits back then and thought they could just cut them at will.


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