the NEW Preaching work

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  • stephenw20

    For those whose were interested in the preaching work being MORE informative to the people at the door,
    consider this.......

    You did not sign anything when you "became a JW" and if you have left , drifted or even been D/Fd you most likely did not OFFICAILLY declare your statment to not be a JW.

    SO then by the power vested in freedom of still are...which means of course you are protected under the same
    ridiculous laws the faithful attenders are........

    Would it not be WONDERFUL to go out an actually share with the people at the door the beliefs of JWS......... nothing can be done to you... you are using all material printed by them........ all their false prophecies ...all of their ridiculous stances on dealing with children.......

    your message may be to tell the householder you ar just taking an interest inthe community and informing them of bleiefs current and past....

    If they are allowed to go out so are you.. you can go casual , if you like .....

    I would suggest not meeting at the kingdom hall prior to going 8&>

  • crossroads

    Stephen most of us me included hated going door to door.
    But what of informal witnessing? That may I add you can
    but in as time spent in the ministry. So heres YOUR idea back
    at you. Mostly everything said here is witnessing in one form
    or another. Some of us but in many hours here. So who out
    there is game to submiting a field service report? Just think
    some will even have enough hours to be qualified as pioneers.
    No matter what your permament record says about you, you
    can still witness it's a command is it not. What would they do what would they say? Is anybody out there up for this GAME
    it could be quite fun. Hope all have a peaceful and safe day.

  • stephenw20


    I went down to the crossroads, fell down on my knees.
    Asked the Lord above for mercy, "Save me if you please."

    I spose you are right, many felt a lack of enthusiasm for the door to door work.... this would have a different motivation.......but the infroaml thing has many a merit and makes peole feel more comfortable...but then being in Jeans at the door for many would just be an experience in itself!

    The next time a witness came by , the housleholder would ask if somethign changed!...and the response would be ...huh?

    they wore what.........?

    smiles everyone smiles!

  • crossroads

    I am laughing. Since my hair is longer than ever and I grew
    my beard back[the look of the LORD] and of course you
    know my thoughts on ties. It would seem like fun to show
    up at the door with shorts on[after all it is AZ] a tee
    shirt and my HOLY SPIRIT charm on with only and I
    mean only a BIBLE in hand. What would they think?
    I could even tell my dear mother that I do go from
    house to house you know how happy she would be

  • joelbear

    I think people at the door would be just as bothered by this as by the witnesses.

  • crossroads

    Great point did all fence sitters and others who are still
    inside get HIS point. The door to door ministry is a waste
    of your time it does not produce any good fruit. The only
    thing being accompolished is the peddelling of a few
    magazines times 2.5 billion hours and thus 20million
    magazines a week. I wish I could put out a magazine
    that I could have people buy up front and then try to peddle
    to get there money back[oh I forgot i get that money to]
    Maybe I would have to learn how to spell or use better
    grammer. On second thought I really wouldn't the FAITHFUL
    will buy anyyhing coming out of the tower.

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