True Story

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  • Awakenednow
    Hello Everyone. I just finished watching True Story in my hotel room in Hawaii. Not knowing much about the movie and not recognizing the name of the murderer on trial but in the mood for a psychological thriller this movie was selected. Huge surprise! The movie was about a journalist and his relationship with Christian Longos (didn't check spelling).... The JW from Oregon who murdered his wife and kids!! Has anyone had a chance to watch it? The religion was barely mentioned but the comment was made that he was sending his family to a better place ... Of course he was referring to death pre Armageddon to paradise resurrection. I remember reading about him on this sight several months ago! Does anyone know this family or remember the story? He is on death row and writes independent articles for NY Times according to the movie. What a sick F$&@! Could be an interesting conversation starter with sheeple. Blessings!

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