Rodney Spinks eye popping comments on effect of 'pioneer and missionary work'

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  • Esse quam videri
    Esse quam videri

    Tues August 4, 2015

    Royal Commission questioning of:

    Rodney Spinks

    Elder in Australia Branch Office

    Q. Thank you. Mr Spinks, could you look at your first

    statement, paragraph 66. I just want to ask you some

    questions about the role of the regular pioneers. As

    I understand it, from the viewpoint of a layperson, a

    regular pioneer preaches in the community in public; is

    that correct?

    A. Yes, all of Jehovah's Witnesses preach publicly in the

    community. A regular pioneer is someone who says, "I want

    to expand my ministry", but what you say is correct, yes.

    Q. So they, the regular pioneers, may preach in a public

    place, such as a shopping centre or something like that?

    A. Yes.

    Q. They also go door to door, knocking on people's doors?

    A. Yes.

    Q. Attempting to engage people in conversation and to

    communicate to them your understanding of the world; is

    that correct?

    A. Yes.

    Q. Or Jehovah's understanding of the world?

    A. Yes.

    Q. That may also involve going back on a number of

    occasions and taking part in family discussions and

    returning to the home and being invited into the home; is

    that correct?

    A. Yes, Jehovah's Witnesses conduct Bible studies with

    people, yes.

    Q. I'm talking now, in particular, about the role of the

    regular pioneer - not generally. Do you understand that?

    A. Sure.

    Q. As I understand it, the regular pioneer strategy, for

    want of a better word, has been quite successful in growing

    the flock around the world?

    A. I don't know how to quantify that. I guess - I have

    no reason to question it. I guess a missionary, a special

    pioneer and a regular pioneer, by nature, is going to spend

    more time in the preaching work.

    Excuse me. You don't know? You guess?

    YOU GUESS??????

  • dubstepped
    Ray Franz pointed out how few people come into the organization through the formal ministry. Most seem to come in because they work with a Witness, live near one, other informal settings, or through family. Billions of hours are spent and I've seen it calculated as to how many hours it takes to bring one person in, but still I wonder how many actually come from what one would call cold calling in the world. Seems most are warm leads at the least.
  • millie210

    Perhaps he knew where the line of questioning was leading....

    one woldnt want to agree that pioneers bring in lots of people and spend tons of hours working with them if the RC is about to bust out figures as to how many pioneers were pedophiles...

  • Barrold Bonds
    Barrold Bonds
    I've been around the witnesses since the mid 80's and I can think of only 1 or 2 people who have become witnesses through straight up cold calling in the door to door work
  • daringhart13

    I've been watching his testimony thanks to the great people on this site.

    Rodney Spinks is lying....... a lot.

    On several occasions he attempts to talk in circles, only to have the judge and/or lawyer tell him he didn't answer the question. Elders/Branch Overseers have no clue how to deal with people that don't get confused or intimidated by them. Its SO fun to watch!!!

    It is truly something to watch when Spinks starts talking........... and wow is he lying a lot.


    Spinks creates an entirely different inquiry,pretending that is what the court is asking..

    Then answers his own fabricated question,as though he`s in agreement with the court..

    Or he Plays Dumb..

    The court will only put up with so much stupidity..

  • Esse quam videri
    Esse quam videri

    When it comes to being stupid on the witness stand, at times unwittingly and at times intentionally, these elders have set a new standard.

    It is all being well noted by the Royal Commission. The final report will not flatter the Watchtower Society.

  • Vidiot

    dubstepped - "Ray Franz pointed out how few people come into the organization through the formal ministry. Most seem to come in because they work with a Witness, live near one, other informal settings, or through family."

    He also suspected (correctly, IMO) that the door-to-door stuff was for poaching disgruntled former members of other Christian churches.

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