RC in Australia and Child Abuse

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  • Nicky Whitehouse
    Nicky Whitehouse
    Just a thought... I wonder if anyone has brought to their attention the recent JW.ORG video from Lett (with very dubious timing) suggesting that any and all media reports about how the Org handles abuse are lies from apostates, and how no one is more protective of abuse victims than the Org ...

    Seems to me that that video is very damning evidence of their attempt to silence victims from coming forward with complaints - further victimizing and traumatizing them.

    I hope they have seen that video - and I hope they bring it up. I am thoroughly enjoying watching the Org squirm.

    The RC should be given that video, along with TOMO's latest rant about how proud he is concerning the WTBTS's record of dealing with child abuse.


  • cultBgone
    Can someone here who has access to that video please forward it to our new hero Angus?
  • Anon2

    Wonder if the RC would also be interested in knowing they're being called Gog of Magog.

    "Pray for Brother Jackson of the Governing Body!"

    In today’s news from Australia it appears that, despite his previous declination to appear when invited, Justice McClellan from the Australian Royal Commission on Child Sex Abuse will officially summon brother Geoffrey Jackson to the stand after all.

    This is a tough time for our elders. They need your support.

    You can can see where the government has a “gotcha” attitude toward the JW hierarchy.

    Under Attack by Gog of Magog!
    First Russia bans our website and now Headlines around the world are looking like the one below:

    Government Attacks Religion!
    Justice McClellan questions the Branch Overseer Terrence O’Brien about the relevance of the Bible in general.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse
    I emailed a link to the clip of Lett talking about the lies about the org's handling of paedophiles to the commission.

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