The Armish and JW--

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    it is very long but it provides a very revealing look behind the religion yes it is like jw another High Control Group

    just something FYI


  • ZazuWitts

    HI JT

    Larc had posted this a while back, but I'm so glad you re-posted the link. Yes, there are striking similarities. Larc sent Yoder an e-mail, which he just recently answered, due to being 'on the road' as a long distance trucker.

    It is a long, long read, but at the top of the 'book' all the Chapter numbers make it convenient to stop, then pick up at the next chapter.

    It was from his story that I got the idea of writing state officials: congressmen, senators, attorney general, governor as well and social service agencies that deal with children. David Yoder's experience made him aware that they are sometimes reluctant to 'interfere' with 'religious' groups - and, consequently realized government officials, both state and federal, and human service agencies need to be educated and informed. The laws need to be changed to make it mandatory for all cases of abuse to be each and every state.

    I e-mailed him and thanked him for the
    'idea' and told him I would inform him when the Dateline program is scheduled to air.

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