W.R.T. the RC

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  • bobld
    JW are between a rock and a hard place wrt to the ARC.They sure let fellow JW know if there is a news item about the RCC and sex abuse.However, they are stone-deaf about the ARC.We don't hear a peep from them I wonder why.
  • joe134cd
    This behaviour is hardly surprising. Their whole history has been one of cover ups denial and lying.
  • Sabin
    I was talking to one of my kids (pioneer) said " we have been TOLD what to say" its something along the lines of, "while we havent been watching the Royal commission hearing as JWs we are pleased that the matters are being looked into".
  • steve2

    A JW would never acknowledge that a secular Commission of Inquiry is enlightening the JW organization about best practice policies and procedures on responding to allegations of child sexual abuse. If they were to acknowledge that their policies and procedures a re influenced by secular (i.e., worldly) practices, it would be hard to claim to be uniquely guided by Jehovah.

    Imagine that: A worldly provision makes the light grow brighter!

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