Elmwood congregation, Dallas, Texas.

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  • witnessscorn
    I was in Elmwood Congregation, in early 70's I have reason to believe there was ritual abuse going on while I was there. Anybody have any incite?
  • Marvin Shilmer
    Marvin Shilmer

    Does the name Picchioni mean anything to you?

  • sparrowdown

    Did you mean " ritual abuse" or ongoing abuse?

    I would advise obtaining legal advise if you think you have evidence that warrants it.

  • witnessscorn

    Picchioni is vaguely familiar. I was very young, Why do you ask?

    I meant ritual abuse.

  • violias

    I have to tell you that most experts discount almost completely satanic ritual abuse. I was a youngish adult during the 80'-90's when it was quite a thing and saw psychiatry using it as a legitimate diagnoses and police actually thinking it was real. It has almost always been discounted. I do believe some people are crazy enough engage in this behavior but it was mostly a phase that the country went through and psychiatry went through.

    btw, you have three threads about this.

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