Hot Topic threads Pinned by a Moderator-Suggestion

by TakeOffTheCrown 1 Replies latest forum suggestions

  • TakeOffTheCrown

    Threads that are a "hot topic" should have the option of being pinned by a moderator. Those who are interested, can suggest to a moderator that the subject be pinned. If a "hot topic" is not pinned, it is lost within a few hours.

    Most will go to page 1 or 2 (not many more pages) to see the latest topics.

    Is having a subject pinned an option for this database?

  • SnakesInTheTower

    Please DON'T. Currently the "Hot Topic(s) is/are the RC Hearings, so because of increased interest, these rise to the top of the Latest column sort, kind of a "pinned by default" option.

    IMO, we don't need another layer of Mod involvement, they have enough to do around the forum.

    Just skip to page 3 or 4 or use the home page to look by topic area. JUST a thought.


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