Truth of the heart

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  • mommy

    The following song is provided by Melissa ehtridge:
    I hear your questions
    I see your face
    Your life before you
    Is full of grace

    What can I tell you
    To let you know
    Your angel's eyes
    Will watch you grow

    Come listen close
    And I'll try to let you know
    It all I know

    There is no magic
    There are no secrets
    We all begin this race at the start
    But I have come this far
    With a truth of the heart.

    Deep down inside
    I think we're all the same
    Try not to judge someone
    And never shame
    I do believe people are good
    They want hope and respect
    And to be understood

    Sometimes it hard sometimes it strange
    But the truth of the heart, is people can change

    Yes there's danger and there are shadows
    And there is fear inside the dark
    It has powered countries and borne religions
    Fear can never rule the heart

    My father's burden
    My mother's rain
    My own desires
    My sisters pain
    All souls have traveled along this road
    Each one has carried their own heavy load.
    Thanks for reading

  • Wendy

    Just listening to a little Melissa Ethridge tonight while cooking din din. Thought about this post that received no replies. And thought I would BTTT Enjoy


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