The WT's Greatest Blasphemy

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  • blackguard

    Hi Guys, This belongs with the original post on or about Nov 24th, 'Watchtower Roots'.

    The Watch Tower's Greatest Blasphemy

    Since his corporate coup d'etat after Russell's demise. Rutherford had been busily fine tuning his fifth columnist mystical machinery. But mystics play with language in a manner difficult for outsiders to comprehend. Adepts will identify other mystics by the multiple, literal and figurative meanings peculiar to each group. Russell's speech to Masons earlier mentioned is a case in point; his speech to Jews is another. Hitler's swastika is yet another: This occult symbol can represent Light or Dark or Naziism. God's Holy Name is often employed in mystical symbols and names, such as FreeMasonry's Jahbulon.

    By 1931 Rutherford had fairly decided to incorporate the Divine Name in such a perverse manner. Rutherford, defying the Divine will that Christ's disciples be called Christians, lifted a Hebrew phrase out of Isaiah 43:10, "Atem Edai Na.oom Yehovah" and turned it into an anglicized plural noun, something the text does not intend. This profane use of God's Name alerted some that something's wrong; and they left. Rutherford's anachronistic new identity, foisted upon the religious membership, was coded speech alerting yet others that a denigration of the Divine Name had begun. Rutherford was also signalling his intention to fully align his corporate Mammon closer to the talmudic ideals of Haskalah or non-Judaic, non-Biblical Zionism which FreeMasonry covertly represents.

    Rutherford's methods are history now. It is significant that the oldest extant NT manuscripts refer more often to God as "Father" (Abba) than to his personal name. This contrasts with OT usage where the Divine Name is more frequent than 'Lord' and "God' combined. The reason for this shift seems linked to Jesus' command to "hallow God's name", which in turn, is complementary to the Mosaic command to 'not pronounce God's name in vain'. To hallow or not use God's name in vain means, primarily, NOT to reduce it to vulgar or common usage, such as by "over-use and/or over-familiarity". And this is precisely what Rutherford commenced and his successors and corporate executives continued:- The vulgarization of the Holy Name! Anyone remotely familiar with watchtower culture knows that God's Name is used so frequently that it is not only grating to the ears, but far exceeds the normal usage of human names in human conversations. It would seem that the Arch-Fiend's name is shown greater respect in Watcher culture by virtue of less usage. Another method the corporate machine uses is the minimimization of God's Holy Name. This is achieved (i)on its Mishnah vehicle,the corporate gazette, The WATCHTOWER (large bold type) announcing J------'s kingdom(smaller type), and (ii) KINGDOM HALL (larger letters) of J------'s Witnesses (smaller).

  • TheOldHippie

    Oh me, oh my, here we go .................

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    This is, and will be, my only post.

    Promises, promises.


  • ozziepost
    This is my last entry---I bid you all farewell. Blackguard

    I guess you just couldn't stay away!

    I'm torn between Farkel's cryptic response to your previous "roots" thread and sKally's recommendation that you say what you mean (and mean what you say).

    Since you're new on the board, it's hard for some of us to know where "you're coming from", without you giving some backgrounding on yourself. Do you have a Dub background? Are you a dub now? Why not? etc

    I somehow doubt that the essay you post here would cause some dub to have a "crisis of Conscience" about their loyalty to the Borg.

    I'm afraid that the first post had much to do with what was described as "conspiracy theorist". I'm sure for those who believe in a conspiracy, nothing will shake them from their belief.

    Much like a Dub, really.

    Cheers, Ozzie

  • DannyBear


    I don't know why you seemed to have ruffeled some feather's around here, but I for one, have enjoyed your perspective on Russell and da judge.

    I could just visualize Rutherford hunched over his opulent desk, reading Isa., and the 'light bulb' firing as he realized the uniqueness of a new name for his reformed religion. What better way to set his new empire apart from the rest.........the very fact that YHWH or Jehovah was mystical and almost extant in it's useage, was the perfect choice!

    The new name surely would garner more attention, than perhaps Reformed Bible Students. He wanted something that would not only garner attention, but cause angst in entire world of christendom. It did.

    His actions and policy from that day forward, showed his love for controversy, abolishing almost every vestige of formerly sacred 'christian' doctrine. Birthday's, christmas, holiday's, the cross, military service, etc etc. His 'new name people' were gonna subdue the earth, millions now living.........

    I like your style, I enjoy your posts.......keep em comming.


  • Room 215
    Room 215

    With all due respect I submit that the WT's greaterst blasphemy is depriving the so-called ``Other Sheep"" of the mediation of Jesus Christ by their distorted interpretation of 1 Timothy 2:5. It puts millions of dubs in the position of having to deny Christ's spiritual role in their lives in order to avert expulsion and its awful consequences.

  • No Apologies
    No Apologies

    Ozzie, you said

    I'm sure for those who believe in a conspiracy, nothing will shake them from their belief.

    Much like a Dub, really.

    Brilliant sir, simply brilliant. It explains so much!

  • ThiChi

    Room 215: BINGO! I agree.......

  • blackguard

    Hi Guys,

    Yes, it might appear that I'm exposed as a liar---but truth embellishment is something I learned as a jaydub---you should know that I'm working to correct this flaw!

    Also, I don't recall stating this is all about a conspiracy. If you feel compelled to reprove someone, perhaps you could draft a rebuke to G.W.Bush: He believes in some crazy conspiracy that some 19 camel-incompetent Arabs , many of whom are still alive, boarded several aircraft and flew them into the WTC. Can you imagine that?? And who can imagine that Enron corporate executives conspired to defraud its shareholders and the American public? Really crazy, uh?

  • RevFrank


    You didn't give any references on this issue.Would you please give me references so I can check this out.

    This belongs with the original post on or about Nov 24th, 'Watchtower Roots'.

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