Are the J.W's that are appearing before the R.C. counting the time for their F.S report?

by karter 4 Replies latest jw friends

  • karter
    I bet they are.
  • StrongHaiku
    I wouldn't put it past them. Yeah, they will. They can also put down some "placements" (e.g. WT publications, the Elder's book, the Branch Procedures book, etc.) in their time slips...
  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Did they say Jehovah, if so yes they can count time. Advertise, advertise, that's

    name of the game, but this may not be the best advertising for Jehovah.

  • millie210

    Perhaps. If they are pioneering then maybe a little bit more likely.

    Time can be counted for giving a public talk so why not?

    It is all basically meaningless (in this instance- in terms of accurate reporting) anyhow.

  • Vidiot
    Honestly, in a perverse way, I think they've almost earned it.

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