Excuse me, but what is this Rothschild thing that a poster is talking about?

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  • umbertoecho

    I don't know why this person is saying this (to me) mad sort of statement. Where is this information coming from? What evidence is he/she citing? Why is this person now saying it after so much considered and well constructed evidence was delivered?

    Is this a person with a good back ground in commenting?

    This commission is not over. It may have finished it's public airing, as is normal. However, the commission now goes from state to state. There are over fifty people to be contacted and they have all come from different states. I speak from personal fact. Now the "issues" and the severity of those issues are out, in the public eye...........Now another sort of collecting of evidence is to start. This means all those who came forward "me included" have been contacted and informed of what the next phase will be.

    Recall: There were over fifty people who wrote in, phoned in, sent emails.........that number very likely grew as people watched the disdain with which they were viewed as those camera's rolled.

    They the RC, made a point of contacting everyone and reassuring them. Plus they assigned them a case worker and further contact details..........


    There is a "conspiracy" idea that involves ultra-rich families owning nearly everything. They pull all the strings behind the scenes. They are the new rulers of humanity through economic, political and "religious" entities.

    The want a new world order. In the meantime they control almost everyone through deceptive means. Those who are on to them comprise a very small segment of the population. The vast majority believe it to be a myth, and just continue living their lives, buying, selling, watching American Idol, paying taxes, ect.

    Some say that these Controllers want to eliminate 75% of the Earth's population as part of the new world order.

    So, if it was true, the WTBTS is just one head of the religious hydra. It could be destroyed and Xianity, an excellent method of controlling billions, could continue. Or, it may not have outlived it's usefulness, yet...


  • sloppyjoe2
    These big conspiracy theorists really took off after 9/11. They want a global government, one currency, kill most of the population and so on. If that were all true, they had their chance in 2008-2009. The economy was collapsed and the government stepped in and stopped it. Some people just want something to believe in, no matter how crazy.
  • LoveUniHateExams

    The Rothschilds are Jewish, so this particular theory hints that pesky joo-ish swine run the world behind the scenes.

    It may also be close to anti-Semitism.

  • done4good
    Google it and see how many conspiracy nutter websites come up.

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