Lie convincingly.

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  • Norm

    Fanatics and such always seem to be in need of a crash course in how to dodge and wiggle out of embarrassing situations. It is very handy to be able to talk yourself, and possibly others, away from the fact that you are a fanatic, which hasn’t got a leg to stand on. The procedure is, lie convincingly.

    If you like to be able to do that, join Jehovah's Witnesses. Take a look at this sterling example:

    *** km 11/90 6 Are You Ready to Face a Faith-Challenging Medical Situation? ***
    30 You should know that there are some questions that doctors and others pose that arenot always asked with good motive. The one most frequently asked by doctors (and by some judges) is:
    • “Would you rather die (let your child die) than accept a ‘lifesaving blood transfusion’?”
    31 If you say yes, that would be correct in a religious sense. But that reply is often misunderstood and at times even produces adverse court decisions. You must remember that you are not in the ministry in this situation. Rather, you are talking about needed medical treatment. Hence, you must adapt to your audience, medical or legal.—Ps. 39:1; Col. 4:5, 6.
    32 To a doctor, a judge, or a hospital administrator, “yes” can mean you want to be a martyr or want to sacrifice your child for your faith. Telling them about your strong faith in the resurrection in this situation will not usually help. They will brand you a religious fanatic, unable to make rational decisions when life is at stake. In the case of children, they will see you as a negligent parent who refuses so-called “lifesaving” medical treatment.

    Notice the old “bad motive” cliché. Why not ask if the answer they suggest that the Jehovah's Witness should give is given with a good motive? It is quite hilarious to see that the Watchtower Society admit that an HONEST answer from the Jehovah's Witness would reveal to the doctor or judge that the dub in reality is a “religious fanatic, unable to make rational decisions when life is at stake.”

    Of course the Watchtower can’t have people going around admitting to what they really are, so then this little “tutorial” will be handy. If anyone should still actually believe the insane idea that the “blood resistance” among Jehovah's Witnesses is something every dub has come up with “personally” they need to read this particular KM.


  • hippikon

    Its much the same tone in the Cild Custody information the Society sends out. Be fanatical without apearing fanatical.

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  • AlmostAtheist
    who refuses so-called “lifesaving” medical treatment.

    Another quick reminder that those crazy doctors and all their "schoolin'" don't know what they're talking about when it comes to blood transfusions. Sure, they are the same guys that are giving us all these non-blood alternatives. Sure, they know what they're talking about in every other aspect of medicine. But when it comes to blood, remember it is only "so-called" lifesaving.

    (Unlike our genuine "life-saving" publication-sales work!)


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