The best and only way to force the watchtower to comply.

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  • username

    Have their assets frozen. From their real estate to their donations, everything! until they are seen to comply.

    Just sayin :-)

  • joe134cd

    There are only 2 things that change Wt.

    (1) Money

    (2)Bad publicity.

  • C0ntr013r

    2 Is actually because of 3.

    (3) Losing members

    (contributions, free labor, evangelizing, administration)

    They lose their members, they die. So they will keep a desperate white knuckled grip on their members... Like a blood sucking parasite that knows; if it lets go, it will die.

  • username

    And this I think is where it will become even more dangerous. Control is the ultimate power, Just like any totalitarian entity, they are not going to ease off the gas so to speak, they will put the fear of god in them even more!

    Everything, right down to the tapping of devices could be used. After all, the watchtower were seeking "spiritually mature brothers" (controlled enough to break the law) for what they described as an exciting IT project, of which can be carries out in said mature brothers own home. Leaving the watchtower totally exonerated from any wrongdoing!

  • punkofnice
    I think there is too much wrong with the WBT$ for them ever to reform into a more acceptable religion...not that I believe any religion is acceptable.........having said that.....for the WBT$ I believe the only way for them to go for the safety of the members is bankrupt!
  • Vidiot

    Fines and bad PR would be the equivalent of stern radio warning communication.

    Loss of tax-exempt status would constitute a shot across her bow.

    The indictment of men in leadership positions would be the equivalent of storming the bridge.

    And freezing / seizing assets would be the final torpedo strike that sends her to the bottom.

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