It's OK to Lie to Get Someone to the Memorial....

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  • Prisca

    I was always told to tell the truth, even when I was "in the truth", but apparently that doesn't matter when it comes to dealing with non-Witnesses :

    Let's see what one WOL says :

    My sister is inactive and haven't been to the hall in over a year; won't go. I told her that I needed help with my grandson who she dearly loves; so she's coming!
    P.S. The friends always help me with him...ssh

    Link :

  • hippikon

    Hot Site. Are you registerd there

  • Prisca

    G'day hippikon,

    I used to be registered, until they discovered my foaming-at-the-mouth, satan-worshipping, drug-induced, sex-crazed apostate comments on this site, and duly disfellowshipped me from their web-site.

    I have far better things to do with my time anyway, such as sacrificing small children and killing small animals for fun!

  • hippikon

    Gosh Whats rong with that. Count youself lucky I wouldnt want to associate with perfecionists either.

    PS I have a small child I would like to sacrifice sometimes

  • mommy

    You better not!You just leave that baby alone! Who will I amuse in the chat room with all my smilies?
    Good point Saundra Bullock!

  • CoolBreeze

    Just read the WOL thread you posted the link to. Oh my God...reminds me why I left my studies. As I read, the bile rose to the back of my throat and I came close to vomiting. What a perfect example of the prversion of Christianity.

    My two drachmas worth,

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