Another Watchtower quote

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  • OlderTom

    ...God...will not look with favour on persons who cling to organisations that teach falsehood... a religion that had not been honest with you.

    This Life page 46

  • Prisca

    yep, I know that... that's why I left the WTS!

  • Gopher


    Thanks for sharing that quote! Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! That statement is riddled with all sorts of implications! Most interesting was the attack on "individuals" within false religions. Usually the WTS goes full-bore after the organizations themselves.

    But what about people who cling to such organizations, as they say, and then they die before Armageddon? Well, then all is forgiven according to WTS doctrine. They'll get the resurrection, so it didn't matter much anyway.

    And they teach that most people will ABANDON their religions before Armageddon comes! That's their interpretation of certain verses in Revelation and other related verses. So, if people ABANDON their religion before Armageddon, it doesn't matter anyway--- they stopped clinging!

    So the whole statement is entirely meaningless!!!!


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