Speaking of Mommy Dearest....

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  • LovesDubs

    I heard the most interesting talk last year at the PA convention (Witnesses Now For Jesus) regarding the roles that JWs take...that basically there are three roles in a person's life, authority figure/parent, adult, and child. The Society becomes the authority figure, the JWs become the children and the THINKING, REASONING ADULT is suppressed, in fact destroyed. Hence, the JW becomes incapable of processing information or making decisions after awhile. They become completely subject to the whims of the Society as that supreme authority, relinquishing choice, thought...freedom...to become children again. Never ever allowed to grow up.

    I will find that talk on tape and maybe make a trascript of it for here if anyone wants to read it. It sure shed a lot of light on their mentality.

  • Liberated

    Hi Lovesdubs,

    There was a time I would have thought you were exaggerating, but having been through it and seen it for myself, and felt myself getting to that point....it hurt to get out of the trap, but I did it.

    Libby, of the Liberater Class!

  • Englishman

    G'mornin', Loves dubs:

    Take peak at this: http://www.itaa-net.org/


  • LovesDubs

    Eng...well...there it is. :) I knew this probably wasnt a new concept but I gotta tell ya, the LIGHT definitely went on in MY head when I heard this. It was like well HELL yeah, thats what this is!


  • BadAssociate

    hi loves -

    a question:

    I heard the most interesting talk last year at the PA convention (Witnesses Now For Jesus)

    who or what is/are witnesses now for jesus?


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