Wisdom in age, gratitude, and strength... Helping others and giving back!

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    I have reached my thirties now age of wisdom and self development I feel. Been married for five years and have a son, age 4, and a daughter, age 2 the greatest teachers in my life. Their joy in small moments, ability to forgive and move on, and to laugh in simple things. It's different world when your small.

    I'm blessed I can protect my family I'm raising at this moment when I see the hardships others have faced and the trauma and self abuse I witnessed. How we handle things has a great deal of impact on others I never even realized.

    Words also need to be used mindfully.

    With that said all I want to do now I spread love. I'm so very very grateful for this site to give me a place to be open and authentic. I said some words that had a lot more expression and feeling behind the computer screen I wish I could have expressed. Writing is defiantly not my talent.

    I'm very deep thinker but communicate so small minded-ly when I'm over whelmed with emotion. I also want to say as a disfellowshipped feelings of never really being able of reaching our full potential will surface but we get a second chance through others, like our children, the youth of our nation. We can raise up and help others and therefore we benefit. We can use our talents and abilities to do good.

    Life is beautiful and amazing journey!

    Each moment brings so many life lessons we just have to be awaken to it.

    I want to make things right, I want to keep growing and learning, and I want to be connected to the ppl who were there for me.

    I want to bring happiness to others and well I found that it started with me and looking at my flaws... I'm nobody but I'm worthy of love just like everyone else.

    I hope everyone finds positive influence and wise mentors in their life to guide them in the light we all can live in harmony with.

    Bless this site! Jehovah-witness.net for the people it attracted and what everyone shares here. It's brought hope and great connections to amazing people I will never forget! This is 6 years from when they first awaken my eyes! I still come back as a reminder of all I learned, the gratitude, and friends I made. Thank you! I am involved now in a support group here in Indiana for exJehovah Witnesses in what they call Religious Recovery meetup.com.

    Thanks again!!

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