Jehovah’s witnesses hearing adjourned

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  • InquiryMan

    Does anyone know if this is a temporary decision? Will it continue? Or is the hearing completed?’s-witnesses-hearing-adjourned

    Also this was stated in a newspaper articles yesterday:

    «The commission was due to conclude its hearings into the Jehovah's Witnesses on Wednesday but Justice McClellan said he will now call Geoffrey Jackson, a senior member of the church's governing body in New York who is currently in Australia, to appear next week. - See more at:

    Is this a valid scenario?

  • smiddy

    It may depend on whether Jackson agrees to appear before the R.C. however I wouldn`t hold my breath about that happening .

    He has already refused to appear once citing compassionate grounds .


  • InquiryMan
    And what about the adjournment? Just for this day?
  • Mephis
    The hearing's complete now other than Jackson's evidence. Jackson will have to convince Stewart that he shouldn't appear. The commission's already said that his father being very ill is not going to be sufficient on its own to excuse him. There'll be a report out relatively soon from the commission, and McClellan has said that at some point in the next 2 1/2 years the JWs will be called back to demonstrate that they've made changes. So this part is pretty over other than Jackson, but it's not the last of it.
  • InquiryMan
    Thank you for explaining.
  • Pants of Righteousness
    Pants of Righteousness

    From the transcript, they also want Applewhite's report re-submitted in 2 weeks from yesterday - by August 19.

  • Vidiot
    It ain't over 'til the fat lady sings.

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