Questions Regarding All Those Lawyers

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  • Magwitch

    Apologies if this has been addressed elsewhere.

    Has every elder called to the stand had his own personal attorney? It certainly appears this way. If this is the case, how are they able to afford this? By the appearance of the first five, it is dubious whether they can even afford a proper dentist.

    Monty Baker's lawyer went after Toole. Is this because these elder's lawyers are trying to place the blame on the branch?

  • freddo
    Don't the WT legal team speak for them?
  • Magwitch
    Freddo, that is what I am trying to figure out. But, if it is a Watchtower legal team, then why would some of them be attacking Toole and other Wt figures?
  • Mephis

    There was a senior counsel for the WBTS and the branch staff, and one for the still-in elders. Monty Baker had his own. As did each of the survivors. Angus Stewart was counsel for the commission.

    There was some tag-teaming (judging by a couple of whispered 'thank yous' between counsel) by the counsel for Baker and the survivors when they were trying to get the points made onto the record.

    Believe that the commission provides counsel, or at least financial support to employ one for individuals. Not sure on how it works for organisations and whether the two used by WBTS and the local elders were provided for them or whether one or both were paid for by the WBTS.

  • Magwitch
    Thank you Mephis. That makes sense. It is interesting that Baker has his own personal attorney. I wonder if that is at his own expense.
  • JeffT
    Don't the WT legal team speak for them?

    Not if they follow the same sort of rules as American lawyers. The WTBS lawyers represent the WTBS. I would assume they would happily throw some one else under the bus if doing so benefited their client. Anybody who goes into a case like this without his own lawyer is running a big risk.

    I hope elders around the world are watching this and thinking about what will happen to them if they get caught up in a legal case. I don't believe that doctrinal issues or lawsuits will bring down the WTBS. A stampede of elders trying to get out the door, might.

  • Vidiot

    magwitch - " are they able to afford this?"

    Your donation dollars at work.
  • GodZoo
    Does anyone know the full name of the dyed blond female lawyer making all the funny faces?

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