Is the Commisioner aware that there are internal rules vs what they are being given?

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  • thedepressedsoul

    I have been following the events taken place in Australia and I cannot help but notice that the JW's are feeding them a bunch of bull. It reminds me of the FAQ on We all know there is a very different internal view/teaching than the FAQ would lead you to believe.

    For instance, they are trying to hide behind that the GB are not at the top and would be of no assistance in this case. Any inside member knows that the GB are the closest thing to Jesus as you can get in their eyes. They make all of the rules, writings and teachings. They also are behind all of the procedures! Yet, JW laywers are down playing their role and are making it sound like they are not behind any of this.

    Their lawyers may say they don't discourage from reporting to the police but every internal JW knows it is highly looked down upon for anyone to go to the police for justice vs the organization.

    There are so many internal rules it makes me sick! I also find it interesting that a lot of their "new light" recently, they are trying to use it as a mean of protection. The co appointing elders, chain of command, etc...

    My question is, does the commission know that there is a completely different set of rules for internal members then they make the public and the commissioner believe? If not, I feel this is our biggest duty, to make them aware things are very different on the inside than they'd like them to believe.

  • Vidiot

    thedepressedsoul - "Is the Commission aware that there are internal rules vs what they are being given?"

    Pretty sure they've figured that out by now.

  • notsurewheretogo
    A load of us have emailed Angus Stewart about the "theocratic warfare" used by the JW's to allow lying and deception.
  • Heaven
    My email to Angus mentioned misogyny and how victims are actually made to feel responsible somehow, especially if they are female.
  • flamegrilled

    I have emailed them from personal experience some specific information on published rules vs practical application.

  • thedepressedsoul

    Great! Glad to hear all of you have done your part! I haven't been able to follow this closely and my first concern was their internal rules that differ from what they tell the public. 2ndly, was the theocratic warfare lies.

    I believe Jesus put it nicely when he said treat others the way you want to be treated. Guess the WT should have followed that with it's own members.

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