Chant to Geoffrey J.

by JustVisting 8 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • JustVisting

    Hey, Hey Geoffrey J,

    Will you testify today?

    Hey, Hey Geoffrey J,

    How many kids did you trump today?

    Hey, Hey Geoffrey J,

    Come on down and have your say!

    Hey, Hey Geoffrey J,

    How much will you have to pay?

    (repeat at will)

  • hoser
    I wonder if the commission has the power to force him to testify or restrict him from leaving the country?
  • Litebrite
    Don't bother him at this time. While the WT counsel's statement that he would not be useful is laughably ridiculous, he is attending to his dying father and we should have compassion for that. This is regardless of any compassion he has shown or lack thereof with regards to the policies he is implicated in. We should not be heartless nor inhumane in our pursuit of justice against those who may deny the same. Allow him to attend to his own issues. But he must ultimately answer for his involvement.
  • username

    Exactly what I was thinking Litebrite. Who gives a flying fuck about Jackson's compassionate needs. This selfish prick has not even thought about all the trauma so many have gone through. Once again another governing body member slime's out of coming forward.

    This is actually doing damage to the org, I can't see how anyone could view it any other way. Ultimately it's about control of the rank and file. if word got out Jackson had appeared before the commission I think the watchtower would start losing control of the rank and file!

  • cognac
    I get where you want to be compassionate, however; compassion goes right out the window for me when I think about all the CHILDREN being abused right now and not getting the help they need because of him and his cronies.
  • Bonsai
    It amazes me how so-called Satan's world and its tool, the Royal Commission, has shown more kindness than this organization. Can you imagine an apostate's JC being cancelled because the apostate's father has become terminally ill? They'd happily df his ass and shun him at his father's funeral.
  • JustVisting
    I had only read that Geoffrey was visiting his parents. "Life in this world can be hard. Life in this world can bring tears and pain."
  • Listener

    There's no need for Jackson to attend, he could ask any of the other GB members to attend as a replacement. I can't see the commission not accepting that arrangement.

  • antes8080

    They rather pay 13 million dollars then let their GB members testify ask Irwin Zalkin.

    Mr Jackson has no compassion for the victims so we don't show him any either.

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