Silent: The Cowards are out in force..

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  • Legaleagle2000

    Hi Silent,

    You know me- we spoke in months ago. Your Mother in Law sounds like one of those who think you should "wait on Jehovah" for everything. That's a Cop-Out. Jehovah gave us a brain & free will. He expects us to use them to help others, even if it makes people like FredHall & StillinTruth uncomfortable.

    To them I say:Cowards! Revelation 21:8 says you will not be spared Jehovah's anger.

    If you saw a child being raped, would you "wait on Jehovah" and remain still? Or would you act to prevent hi/her death?

    If you saw your brother about to injest a poison would you wait until he drank? Or would you slap it from his wrist before he drank?

    If you were swept away in a rainstorm and others stood by and watched you drowning, would you expect them to throw you a line, or shall they too, "wait on Jehovah?"

    When does "waiting" pass faith and become a crime?
    When it involves the harm of others.
    Inaction is compliance. You become as guilty as the molesters & liars who cover for them.

    This is the premise of the Bible: "Love your neighbor as yourself..."
    How long would any of us here, want others to wait, before we take a stand and do what's right?

    To silent: The roar is getting louder. Hang on. We love you. You are an inspiration. You have restored my faith: They're are still good elders. Thank you!

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