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  • Defianttruth

    I am in awe of you two. I think what you have done to stand up to a Multinational, wealthy cooperation is a thing of true courage. I want to say, "I am sorry for the abuse you have suffered and subsequent pain the both of you have had to endure by individuals who were supposed to be there to protect you." I don't even know if you will ever read this or if you even know of this web page, but I am putting this out into the Universe just in case one day you look at it. Both our your testimonies, were powerful and moving.

    I was physically abused at the hands of my Jehovah Witness father. I like to consider myself a brave person, but I do not know if I could have done what the two of you have. I wish I could give each of you a hug. Maybe one day you will read this and know that you may not have been properly loved inside the clutches of your religion, but you are loved by the ones who are former members of your faith.

    Deepest Regards,


  • Illuminated

    Very sweet of you Defianttruth.

    I haven't watched the entire commission, just about to finish the first one. I am very sorry you experienced one of the top worst crimes a person can endure. You didn't deserve it. I am happy to hear you are free and hope you've found a sense of peace and happiness.

    A hug to you as well.

  • umbertoecho

    Imagine the fear they must have felt, the dreadful anxiety of being discredited, the horrible experience of having to relate it all over again.

    I am very much in awe of these women. I don't know how to thank them accept to say what others are saying on this forum.

    Brave women, against all odds. All my love to them as well

  • possum

    Those 2 courageous women have spoken not only on their own on behalf but also courageously and lovingly spoken for women some of whom are so damaged by Org will never be able to speak for themselves! Thanks so much for their contribution.

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