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    A current thread got me to thinking about a little poem I wrote many years ago. I wonder how many other pseudo poets we have here. If you're one, show us your stuff. Here's my little contribution.

    Of Bigotry

    He dwells within his arrogance,

    On high and lofty planes,

    On Haughty plateaus far above

    The common and mundane,

    Arrayed in florid raiment

    Of elegance and grace,

    With ornaments of dignity

    And pharisaic face.

    With opulent embellishments

    Of splendid social fashion,

    With grand delusive effigies

    Of conscience and compassion,

    He luxuriates and savors sweet

    His rapturous pretension

    Of eminence and majesty,

    In regal ostentation.

    But from his hallowed precipice

    Of pompous privilege,

    He condescends to gaze upon

    A grievous assemblage.

    For there, beneath his apogee

    Of pious self-perception,

    Exists a bold and fearsome bane

    Of ignoble conception.

    Effete and paltry commoners

    Of vulgar inclination,

    Who wallow in the consequence

    Of their predestination,

    They rant and rave incessantly

    With torturous persistence

    And writhe ferociously against

    Their own profane existence.

    For they are not his cultured kind

    And cannot contemplate

    The Providence that so ordained

    Their sad and wretched state.

    And in their gall and ignorance,

    They dare presume to be

    Deserving, all and one the same,

    Of equal dignity!

    Accursed with scarce intelligence

    And squalid moral nature,

    Pathetically do they aspire

    To his exquisite stature.

    Prodded and misguided by

    Covetous disdain,

    They plot and scheme defilement

    Of his fair and pure domain.

    Portending such a damnable

    And foul adulteration,

    Their rank and rude effrontery

    Is sobering vexation.

    But surely, God would not

    That hateful coalition

    Eer behold their evil plan

    Unfold to its fruition.

    And so, with vigilance and stance,

    He guards his noble station,

    Staunch and stern against

    Their throngs of degradation.

    And he will stay his solemn course,

    Undaunted by their strife,

    And reverently give thanks to be

    A higher form of life.

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    excellent are talented....


    The silence of the cry with in,,,,the pain that no one knows

    for my husband is an elder,,,so off sheperding he goes

    he makes no time to spend with me

    though i plead,, and beg and sob...

    still he looks at me with holiness,,,and says,,,I AM DOING JEHOVAHS JOB!

    we congregate with our brothers,,,and he smiles from ear to ear

    but i bite the inside of my cheek,,,fighting back a tear...

    no prayers,,,no hugs,,,the children he doesn't see

    yet,,,everyone tells me how lucky i am,,and how jehovah has truly blessed me

    the silence of the cry within,,,the pain that no one knows..

    unable to share my feelings with anyone,,,

    they remain dark secrets,,,locked in my soul....



    That's very poignant. I think a lot of sisters will relate.

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    I Wonder

    Ever growing / We note intense hating

    Based upon color of skin

    Fired up/through the flint of Race baiting

    Resulting in true mortal sin

    Wheres the store that abounds in compassion?

    One stocked with true tolerance

    A religion whose love is long lasting

    Whose foundation is pure innocence

    For aeons Ive looked to the sages

    To teach me their faith with its flaws

    My mind often locked in their cages

    Only able to see what they saw

    Always outward Ive looked for my answers

    For the experts must know more than I

    But Credulity is a cruel prankster

    Often leading one into the lie

    Muddied waters are no place for wading

    Simplicitys the best place to swim

    Wheres the river of life that is racing?

    Is the kingdom of God within?

    Always outward I look for that spirit

    A spirit with whom Gods akin

    An honest and tolerant pillar

    A true forgiver of sin

    Will the clouds bring the change were awaiting?

    Must we look to the sky in the end?

    Is Law and Loves marriage so fading

    That we cant find the kingdom within?

    If God were not divided

    Would we then/be a whole?

    Humanity united in a pure unselfish goal


    August 18,1999

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