The Tourette's Syndrome Apostate Kingdom Hall Information Bombardment

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  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    Hey I was just thinking of this: have a couple one a caretaker or wife the other with mild to severe form of Tourette Syndrome and can not control his out burst but so much wants to go to a Jehovah's Witness brain washing meeting and so politely requests to attends with all due reverence.

    Then make a few random mild out burst to kind put them at ease at the meeting not too loud until you get to the meat of your message and on the verge to getting kicked out the door by bewildered attendants and a gasping crowd of JW rank and filers. All the time apologizing up the yin yang.

    Then make a return visit next month and promise to be real real good this time because you got new medication and it seems to be working real good this time, then start real slow to get sympathy and go out with a bang.

  • scary21

    When I read this I was LMAO thinking and picturing it.

    He starts out,,,,,,,um um ummm UMM fried chicken .............Ah ah ahh h ahh suck me......

    I had a friend with Tourette's, I say had because he has since passed away, less then a year ago at age 53

  • scary21

    My sister and I took this friend on vacation with us to Florida. The first night we were there he slept on my JW moms couch. He only did the blurting out thing when he was asleep. I was a little worried about what he would shout in his sleep with my mom in the next room.

    All went well thankfully, but we had some laughs just thinking about what could have

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