"But they might get the truth"

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  • BadAssociate

    guys - thinking back

    this still makes me angry

    the stupidity of this saying

    "but they might get the truth"

    a waste of time mostly used to count time

    i remember one night at the hall - it was a mid week meeting - the service meeting had just started and as was my usual custom i was in the back row catching up on some much needed shut eye

    (the service meeting of course being the perfect soundtrack to this scenario)

    next thing u know i'm being rudely awoken by the commotion of a rolling pissed drunk hobo sliding into the vacant seat beside me

    the fact that he smelt like a urinal was beside the point i guess

    i thought to myself, "what the fuck?"

    and looked over at the two bros minding the door - "friends" of mine in a bro kind of way - who had let this guy in

    i looked at these door bro's as if to say "what the fuck's did u let him in here for?"

    but they just kind of ignored me

    anyway the meeting progressed - no way i was gonna get back to sleep - then this guy starts yelling stuff out - u know - drunken nonsense - coz he'd noticed everyone else in the hall doing it i suppose

    i'm thinking to myself - they've gotta throw this guy out - surely? - and continued to look over at the door bros from time to time - with a "are u guys crazy - throw him out" look on my face

    but all they did was come over to the guy and ask him if he could keep it down a tad

    i dunno why i didnt get up and go sit somewhere else - maybe the hall was really packed - i cant recall

    the drunk ended up leaving before the meeting finished - from boredom
    i think

    so the meeting finished and i went over to talk to the door bro's
    asking - you know - "are u guys stupid why did u let him in?"

    the answer

    "but he might get the truth"

    i dont know how many times i was out countin time wastin time with a witness who would insist on preaching to a non communable person (be that for what ever reason - intoxication, senility, foriegn language etc) and yet the person i was with would persist - under angelic direction no doubt - to preach to the person

    "because they might get the truth"

    this sorta stuff was jw urban legend at it's finest imo


    ps "they might get the truth " can also be substituted for the phrase " they may be a sheeplike person" whenever

  • nojw86

    Why do you still call it thr TRUTH, ugh. blah, humbug,ITS *%$#+_).................................................................................................. NOJW

  • rabotnik

    Well, think about it ... that smelly, loud drunk might have been FredHall just aching for a bible study.


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