Interactive timeline of JW history

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  • Simon

    Someone was asking me about my timeline so for those who have not seen it:

  • outnfree

    Thanks SO much, Simon. The site is great and will prove useful to many. I didn't know it was there, but see that a great deal of time and effort was put into it. (AS was put into this board.) Thanks again.

  • RR

    Simon, you say that Russll dies and that his will names a comittee of three, not true. Although Russell was the president, there was always a board of directors, when he died, he left the Society to them, and suggested an editorial committee of five. He lists their names, interestingly. there are six names, and Rutherford's name is sandwiched in between 4 and 6 making a listing of six names. The names were not numbered, but one can tell he wrote his name in, the will was hand written.

    Since VanAmburgh and MacMillan were officers, they managed to get Rutherford on the comittee, and through a process of elimination, he got on the board, he then formed a "committee of three," which he used to eventually ursurp the authority of the other board members and become president and take over!

    Less Religion and more Jesus!

  • Simon

    Thanks for the extra detail RR

    I got most of the early history from James Penton's book but may not have translated everything correctly.

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