Is everyone here a sloth?

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  • TR

    Well, I'm trying not to be sloth-like. I'm back into raquetball and plan on doing a lot more dirt biking this year. What about yooz guyz?


  • Simon

    I make sloths look energetic

    I really need to start doing more !

  • larc

    I have been slothful all winter, mainly because of my 4 month addiction to the internt. My son and I went to see a baseball game last night and just walking around made my legs and feet sore. Come spring, I do hope to get out in the yard and garden and do stuff, unless of course, I can talk someone else into doing it.

  • stephenw20

    Getty up on the dirt boys and I haverecently picked up a new toy which we enjoy getting dirty with! yahmaha rt100

    nothing like good clean FUN!


  • Seven

    Well, I belong to a fitness club and use the facilities year round. I play beach volleyball(league)and tennis in the summer and just bought an ATV-love riding the trails.Like larc, garden and yard work takes up alot of time.

  • TR

    Very cool, Seven and stephen.

    I love to trail ride. The problem is that the dirt bike I have is a rocketship(Husaberg FE501). I need to tone it down, so as soon as the 'berg sells, I'll pick up a Kawasaki KDX220, a real user friendly trail bike.


    I know what you mean. Last time we went to Vegas, all we did was walk. My legs were sore as hell. The raquetball and bike riding will hell in that dept.


    are there any sports you like to play? I like baseball, but I like raquetball a lot better. More exciting and fast-paced.


  • RedhorseWoman

    Ahem....TR.....if your bike is too fast for you.....and you can't use it in snow......there's always horseback riding. (hehehe)

    Other than that, I've been working out at home doing weights and Yoga. This spring I'm hoping to get out and do some biking as well as riding.

  • TR

    Hey RHW,

    I do Yoda too! In fact, I just sent Simon a recording I made.

    I say nnnnnaaaaaayyyyy on the horse thing. Too expensive. Scooters are cheaper. Talk to Helen lately? She just bought a new Harley.


  • neyank

    Hi TR,
    I've been wanting to learn how to play raquetball.
    I play some tennis and handball.
    Do the health club thing.
    My favorite health type activity is rowing.
    And of course when I row to the middle of a lake
    I like to jump off the boat and swim around for awhile.
    It's nice and peacefull swimming in the middle a lake.
    Just me and the fishies.


  • RedhorseWoman

    TR, she sent me a picture of her Harley. Pretty bike....but I'll stick with my horses.

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