History of Royal Commission

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  • Bill Covert
    Bill Covert

    I have a lady at the bank, who was in the "Peace Core" in Australia with a Aussi husband. I asked her about the Royal Commission to which she said;

    " the Royal Commission is the Queen! It has the power to remove the entire Austrailian government of which she did [I think she said in 1972].

    She told me this "Royal Commission" was actually started 15 years ago but had its roots in WW2. During the bombing of England the church's took in the displaced children, of which they shipped off 50 thousand to Australia for child labor. The church's told the orphans that their parents were killed during the Blitz, they told the parents that the children were killed in the Blitz. The Queen of England formed this Commission in order to try to unite these famlies even after all these years. Evidently the Catholics were one of the biggest offenders in shipping off ot these so called 'orphans' to Australia. So what was started to reunite famlies has become a evolving continous thread where the Queen is dealing with abuse of children at the hands of religion.

    She said we in the USA have no idea just how big a Royal Commission can be.


  • umbertoecho

    Don't let on too much though. There may be WT lawyers who are brought in from outside and we don't like to let them know about the delivery of the deadly questioning dart system. Steel hand in a velvet glove approach is perfected by these men and women. Always so very polite, but watch out that you do not lie to them or not respect their vested powers of veto.

    That was Geogh .....damn Goughfff...damn again........just say it phonetically.....that was Prime Minister Goff Whitlam's government.... and I remember that well .............can't spell it right now because I'm drinking fortified coffee this early morning..........Irish coffee......

    Royal Commission can force the closure of institutions, banks, unions.........oh the list goes on. It is not politically based as such. Yet it has England's first lady..... HRH backing it up.

  • Bill Covert
    Bill Covert
    Irish coffee. you must be one of those damn convicts England shipped over to Australia many years ago. I guess that would make us brothers me being a JW convict.
  • kairos
    Times like this makes me wish I was an Aussie!
  • Vidiot

    @ kairos...

    I'm thinking a lot of XJWs are feeling that way right about now.

  • snugglebunny
    Wikipaedia: A Royal Commission is a major ad-hoc formal public inquiry into a defined issue in some monarchies. They have been held in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and Saudi Arabia. A Royal Commission is similar in function to a Commission of Enquiry (or Inquiry) found in other countries such as Ireland, South Africa, and Hong Kong.

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