Old light in WT study books...

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  • TheApostleAK

    Can anybody tell me what parts of these 3 bible study books are considered "old light"?:

    * "The Bible - Gods word or man's?"
    * "True peace and security - How can you find it?"
    * "United in worship of the only true God"

    It would be much appreciated.

  • cecil

    Hello AK

    How about "United in worship of the only true God"
    chapt. 22, par. 2 "In 1914..." talks about the generation
    of 1914 - 'adjusted' in the WT of november, 1st 1995

    I'll try to find more


  • biblexaminer

    The offer for the month, last month, was the "Live Forever" book. Many were place. With who I don't know, but so I'm told. In this book, the generation of 1914 doctrine, as well as the 'sheep and goats since 1914' being judged by JW's as the angels helpers/reapers is still there.

    Now, I wonder what a JW does if they find a person stupid enough to take part in a conversation based on this book. What to do when you get to that part in the book. "Oh!.. actually.... (bending over and ripping out that page(s) that's old light".

    "Then why give it to me?" they might inquire.

    Well, an honest answer is that there was still 70 skids of the damnable books at the headquarters, and they wanted to make room for the new books(light) to be released at the District convention this year. And, as is good business practice, put the old product out on the front of the shelf to move old stock first.

    WOW. Isn't Jesus wise so as to give such insight to the Governing Boobs?

  • willy_think

    lol i think the holy spirit has been to my grocery store! thay always put the old light bread in the front of the new light bread!

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