Flower Power

by Carmel 5 Replies latest jw friends

  • Carmel

    I have a little confession to make! It's one of those "good news, bad news" thingies! Two years ago I discovered two site on the net where exjw's gathered, H20 and PioneerOutreach. I was facinated to find out how many were getting wise to the Jdub propaganda machine so I decided I would plant a flower for each one that came forward to share their story of leaving the Borg. As time progressed, I think somewhere around a year ago, I passed the 100 mark and realized that I had used up all the space I had to plant flowers (annuals) so I began developing areas around the office building and in my front yard where I could plant perennials that didn't have to be replanted each year. Then I made the mistake of finding Simon's world and Support 4 Exjws. Now I have too many to keep track of and the rate of departure is such that I've had to throw up my hands and just dedicate the whole project to those that have "seen the light" rather than one per person.

    So to all of you that have been the cause of the beautification of my neighbohood, I say a hearty "thank you" and be aware that a flower is growing somewhere to celebrate your "coming out".

    "In the garden of thy heart, plant not but the rose of love."



  • Prisca

    Glad to be a part of your garden, carmel

  • Seven

    Carmel, What a beautiful gesture! Thanks. I'll plant one for you today also, and put waiting right beside you.


  • Carmel

    Jeeze 7,

    First you compliment me then kick my skinny butt! Waiting is already halfway in the grave! Put her on the other side of the yard please! Having her jab me in the ribs throughout eternity...EEEK there is a HELL!



  • Tina

    Hi Carm,

    What a beautiful idea!! I happen to be planning my garden this week....I think I'll make a JW disc patch in honor of all the fine people I've met here!1 cheers,Tina

  • nojw86

    Hi Carm, that is a beautiful idea you had. I love flowers and am ready to plant for the season also,I"LL plant one for you aslo... regards.....nojw, and glad I"m OUT!

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