What's happening in the Australia Branch right now?

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  • freddo

    Branch Committee Member (Hung out to dry by GB) soliloquy: (Looks at sheaf of documents in front of him)

    Hmmm, so I've got to present this POS so that I can stay in my board and lodging and get all the perks of being at the top of the organization in Australia and my wife likes being Queen Bee around bethel and wants to see her mother in the resurrection poor deluded soul (or was she anointed I don't know it changes so often, if you're up there ma-in-law then thank you so very much for not interceding with Jah and getting me off the hook) so I daren't say what I truly know to be true.

    But I've got to look my brothers and sisters in the eye. But the GB won't support me damn them why aren't they on the stand like the Apostle Peter would be?

    Mind you I know all about the abuse cases in the files so at least my seared conscience won't bother me.

    I know I'll be all urbane and polished and smooth talking while ignoring the orphan and the widow, that'll get me through.

    Gulp! (Fingers collar) Pass me another whisky love!

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