Wow nov 15 wt they refuse to show love to all

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  • poopie
    Wow the artcle love your neghboor the writer is trying to squeeze thorough what he feels is a loophole. THE problem is there is no loophole in Gods law of love its amazing but eventually they will come to the realization that All people need love. Keep trying to skirt around it your digging yourself into a hole.
  • Sabin
    Hey Poopie, great name. haha. im new member to. Nice to meet you. I must confess I haven't read the article, but I get what you are saying. They go on & on about having love for people like Jesus did , until it doesn't suit them, then out comes the Hebrew scrips as we are seeing in the abuse cases. So like didn't Jesus sacrifice finish the law & prophets. They have a go at the 7th day Adventists for that. Sometimes I think they wont stoning back the way they judge people. LOVE TO ALL, that's what I say.
  • dubstepped
    I'm not sure what loophole you're referring to, but it is sad to me that they can only exercise "love of neighbor" as it relates to their preaching work. That is literally all it talks about. Be sure to speak kindly in the ministry work, and be ready to make a defense before those asking it of you in a kind and respectful manner even if the householder is belligerent. Otherwise though, those people don't exist. Outside the ministry they look down on the householders and we've all been there before as active JW's. They have no problem picking out which of those people's homes they want to live in during the new world. They talk about the people they meet after leaving the house, not always in flattering terms. But boy can they put that magic new fake personality on for a second while regurgitating the presentation at the door, feigning love while preaching to people that they're supposed to be doing because they are expected to actually have real love of neighbor.
  • scary21

    Love is, and should be, the most important thing. I've seen way more love in the world than with JW's.

    After they would not lift a finger to take my elderly mother grocery shopping because she has family 1200 miles And the way the Catholic church helped my MIL .....Wow

    I knew the JW.s believes were wrong but I have seen up close and personal, they really don't have REAL love.

    Welcome to both of you.................................... Sherry

  • Sabin
    dubstepped, I feel so ashamed, what you said is so true. ive done that without even giving a thought to the person living there. How could I have been so cruel. Then we go write down the persons info & pass it round the cong. Sometimes it was real personal, or criticize them for having a nice place " oh they don't want to know they have their paradise right here". So glad not to be doing it anymore.
  • dubstepped

    Hey Sabin, we've all done it. I too feel bad for the way I used to look at other people. I either looked right through them like they didn't exist, saw them as a possible number on my time slip for the month, or wondered if they were going to give me a hard time at their door. I never saw them as humans with the same feelings as I had, with families and other loved ones. The love I had as a JW was manufactured and shallow. The love I have now after opening my mind and heart and reading books on emotional abuse and narcissism and the like have really helped me to develop a side of me that was never allowed to flourish. I love people now, all people, and don't view myself as any better than anyone. After reading Tolle's book "A New Earth" I could see how much of what I did in the past as a JW was all ego based, and how much I missed seeing in myself and others.

    I too am glad that you're not doing it anymore. ;) I'm glad to be freed myself as well.

  • oppostate

    The WT likes to tickle their sheeple's ears and assure them that yes is no and no is yes. They don't have to act Christian, just keep doing what we tell you to do, obey, obey, obey us.

    The sheeple like to be told that they have no responsibility to have love of neighbor as long as they are involved in gaining new victims for the WT to feed on--feeding on peoples energy and work, their money, their futures.

    These GB following drones like to be told what to do because then they don't have to listen to their consciences nagging them to act like Christians are supposed to if they truly follow the Christ, and "imitate Jesus".

    The GB and WT hierarchy provides the false peace of mind and ease of conscience, but at the price of a persons very soul and life. They are spiritualistic vampires sucking the life out of those who fall into their mind trap.

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