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  • d0rkyd00d

    Hey. sorry bout all the posts by me lately. i'm beginning to annoy myself. but here's a question i like turning over in my head, raised by a picture of somebody on the board ( that of an alien head ).

    I'm fascinated with UFO's, and extraterrestial beings. they absolutely boggle my mind. Maybe it's because part of me wants something better than what is on this earth right now. I don't know. You can imagine how i felt after reading an Awake! stating UFO's were Satan's way of distracting followers of the truth. LOL. anyways, what do you guys think would happen if suddenly alien life was discovered? do u think there would be upheaval in the organization, or do you think they would work it into their "NEW LIGHT" system some how?

    "No cool quote yet. But i'll think of one soon."

  • TR

    If I recall correctly, there was an article in the AWAKE! several years ago about UFOs. The WTS has already worked them into "new light". They talk about Jehovah, His angels, and the celestial chariot as UFO's. I'm sure someone here can dig up that article. It had to have been before '94. That's when I hopped the first UFO outta Dodge.


  • Gianluca

    Dear earthling,

    We are already among you, you just have not realized it.............. yet!!

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