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  • prologos

    It is all about the bible STORY, alleged miracles of Jesus. Not one miraculously replicated since, so:

    Final comment by senior elder: "That we have these powerful miracle of the Christ is a guarantee for it to happen in the New System. without those powerful miracles we would have nothing ---" we would indeed.

  • Crazyguy
    He's got a point and since there s no proof if Jesus and his miracles I'm no longer a believer.
  • prologos
    power: 40 day rain in Noah's day is cited. to cover the highest mountain. it must have rained ~ 10 meters of water an hour straight. now that is power. compare that to make measly ~ 400 litres of good wine for a crowd that was already too inebriated to tell the good stuff from the plonk.
  • wizzstick
  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Imagine: eight million people mostly adults, still believing in magic fairy tales!

    ...and the whole religion is based on it. The belief in the supernatural and miracles ought to be dead by now but the minds of those foolishly trusting JWs are distracted by the paradise promise and the fact that other apparently sensible cult members still believe it.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    All "Sun" gods turn water into wine!

    In the gospels, Jesus is claimed to have changed water into wine during the wedding at Cana as proof of his divinity.

    Answer for yourself: Are you aware that this same story is found in other mythologies and is part of the solar mythos? Long before the Christian era, Dionysus/Bacchus was said to turn water into wine, as related by A.J. Mattill:

    "This story is really the Christian counterpart to the pagan legends of Dionysus, the Greek god of wine, who at his annual festival in his temple of Elis filled three empty kettles with wine-no water needed! And on the fifth of January wine instead of water gushed from his temple at Andros. If we believe Jesus' miracle, why should we not believe Dionysus's?" (Tim Leedom, The Book Your Church Does Not Want You To Read, 1993, p. 125.

    Barbara Walker relates from her excellent book:

    The story of his miracle at Cana was directly modeled on a Dionysian rite of sacred marriage celebrated at Sidon; even the Gospels' wording was copied from the festival of the older god (Barbara Walker, The Women's Encyclopedia Of Myths And Secrets, 1983, p. 464).urn water into wine!

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