Shunned And Shamed By Jehovah's Witnesses - Absorbing Audio for Radio

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    There is no list of radio stations as yet where this program will air on as I expected, but it's fascinating material to listen to on website. I was told that the program will be on 300 misc. radio stations at different times during the entire week. If you hear it on radio, please post where you heard it. Thank you.


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    Thanks for the heads up Barbara! I just heard the piece via the link you provided.

    From their PRX profile I can see that they are indeed picked up by many stations. It also seems like the digital assets (audio, text, pictures) are posted each month in a dropbox. I will try to archive these once they are up.

    Everyone in my family is a public radio junkie. One of my first memories of field service is getting dressed listening to "Car Talk". I really hope they hear this story.

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    cha ching

    Trey Bundy's story begins: "There is always more to the story"

    You can listen to the story right on this website

    Debbie McDaniel (top left) is shown with her brother, sister, mother and father before she was disfellowshipped by the Jehovah’s Witnesses and shunned by her family.-

    LISTEN: One thing leads to another

    Push: "LISTEN" on bottom left handside of the photo that says "Shunned and Shamed by Jehovah's Witnesses"

    Another audio story to the right of the picture also includes a story about Jehovah's Witnesses: EISODE

    One thing leads to another


    In August, we’re picking up the threads from three major investigations to see what’s happened since they aired. These are stories that moved people, made them angry and sparked change.

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