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  • Nitty-Gritty

    I have been in correspondence recently with Silentambs and a few interesting things have been highlighted. Some of you may know, that Bill Bowen has twice tried to get the FBI involved in investigating child molestation issues in the JWs org. This is what he said to me, I quote: “WE have reported to the FBI on two occasions and were rebuffed due to them not wishing to get involved with a religion”.

    Now you tell me, you big thinkers out there, why do you think the FBI really does not want to get involved? Is it because they don’t want to get involved with a religion? No, of course not. Religion has never stopped the FBI from investigating anything before. If there is a suspicion of a cover up of criminal activity as Bill Bowen claims there is, I quote: “The WT database contains the cover up of criminal
    activity with the pedophiles being protected and children being put at risk” the FBI WILL investigate, religion or no religion. That is their job! So, what is the logical conclusion? Obviously, Bill Bowen does not have good enough substance to his claims in order for the FBI to be concerned.

    For those who doubt the FBI’s concern for the welfare of children and want to pooh poo this go to their website:


    Also, for those who may not know this, according to Bill Bowen, he has never said the WTS org. should publish the names of pedophiles in their “secret” database (as he has is own database where he keeps the names of alleged pedophiles secret). However, he also said: “This number will only grow and continue to expose children to danger since Watchtower's policy of keeping molester's names confidential has created a "pedophile paradise." So which is it?

    Also, sorry to disappoint you, but most “worldly” people are not going to be “put off” by the JWs because of child molestation issues as they know this is prevalent in all society, and I hate to say it this way, but they accept this is a problem everywhere where there are people. Also they tend to be much more objective when it comes to sensational headlines such as “cover up” etc. It is only you guys who think more into this. Further, many JWs are aware of this problem just as I am, and are eager to see it completely stopped in the near future.

    Lastly, it is quite disturbing to see how you all have gloated over the Australian “expose” of Jehovah’s Witnesses regarding child molestation issues, (although it is not an expose at all as I have explained in a few other threads) instead of focusing on the good that will hopefully come out of this in helping to better protect children, as this is the objective of the Royal Commission.

  • just fine
    just fine
    I hope at the end of this people are no longer treated as insensitively. But given the lies being told by the Elders, I doubt anything will change until such change is forced by an outside agency. The thousands of lives that have been affected by the abuse should have been enough to facilitate change within the org, but no such consideration was given.
  • Mephis
    Can I just check what you're asking? You're asking why the FBI in the States doesn't want to enter the situation where they are forced to fight a religion for access to their documents in order to highlight institutional failure and civil negligence when their remit to fight crime can be met by focusing on individual offenders? Is that the question?

    What's your point?


  • Nitty-Gritty

    @ Memphis

    By gaining access to documents they can do both, highlight institutional failure and civil negligence AND focus on individual offenders. They have done it before. The question is, why do they not want to do that?

  • sir82

    they accept this is a problem everywhere where there are people.

    Hmmm...so the people you hang around with "accept" child abuse? Maye you should start hanging around a different set of people.

    Regarding Bill Bowen & the FBI....frankly, I'd take anything he says with a large boulder of salt. Or two.

    So maybe he gave you a line about what the FBI said.....or maybe he was truthful, and the FBI knows what kind of nutcase he is.

  • Mephis
    Nitty Gritty, I'd have thought you'd need to consult your constitution and case law for an answer, unless that was your point - that unscrupulous individuals will hide behind that and it will need some political willpower Stateside to address institutional issues within religions? The Australian Commission is unlikely to be the first. Charity regulator here in Britain, and also the prospect of a similar process to the Australian one too coming up. Bill Bowen has it right. And had it right all those years ago.
  • Nitty-Gritty

    sir 82 don't twist my words. I never said they accept child abuse, I said they accept it is a problem.

    As for Bill Bowen, you better say that to all his fans, most of who are victims of child abuse.

  • Saintbertholdt
    The answer to your question is found in the oft-quoted metaphor of Thomas Jefferson’s, the “wall of separation between church and state.” Where there is direct evidence of wrongdoing the FBI will investigate (e.g. Waco and Warren Jeffs), but with conjecture there is the difficulty of probable cause and the US supreme court (and by implication the arm of the law) has established a pattern of staying out of religions way (that's why religions are not taxed and do not have to disclose their financial statements), adopting a neutral tone except where it directly conflicts with the objectives of the state.
    The current Royal commissions inquiry is clearly establishing a pattern within the Watchtower organization.
    The British Charity commission will take the example from the Royal commission and will probably do the same type of investigation.
    The media attention generated from these events in the Southern hemisphere and the other side of the Atlantic will make the situation difficult to ignore in the US.
    And so you will now have probable cause...
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